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Maybe you’ve never bought hair extensions before or maybe you have and they just didn’t look right when you put them in—whatever the reason, if you’re looking for some tips for how to choose hair extensions, we’ve got them. Before you make a purchase, here are some pointers to keep in mind.

1. Human Hair Extensions Are Best

Why buy one set of human hair extensions when you can buy 10 synthetic hair extensions for the same price? We all love a good bargain, but put cost over quality and the result is hair extensions that look fake, shed hair all over, and tangle whenever you take them out.

Synthetic hair extensions can’t be styled the same way human hair extensions can be. This means that with synthetic hair, you get what you get—if it’s straight, you have a straight hair extension, if it’s curly, it stays curly. Try using heat on synthetic hair and in most cases, it will melt. Buy human hair extensions and you can use heat on them just like you would with natural hair, so one set of extensions can be used for countless looks.

2. Be Realistic About the Time You Want to Spend on Your Hair

There are two different types of hair extensions: semi-permanent and clip-in. It’s important to think about your lifestyle before deciding which is right for you.

Semi-permanent hair extensions require daily maintenance, which might be a problem if you’re the type who likes to get up and go. You’ll also need to braid your hair before working out to keep your extensions from tangling.

Clip-in extensions are a better choice for anyone who wants to wear their hair extensions for special occasions, but leave them out when they’re at home, working out, or running errands. You have the flexibility to wear them when you have the time to style them and leave them out when you don’t.

3. Consider Hair Texture and Origin

When you’re purchasing human hair extensions, you’ll need to understand the different hair textures available. Buying the wrong type of texture is one of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to hair extensions. When the texture of your hair extensions doesn’t match your natural hair, they won’t blend and look natural. Here’s a primer on some of the different origins:

  • Brazilian Hair Extensions – A range of textures, from kinky to straight, that works for many ethnicities. Thick, dense, with a medium luster.
  • Malaysian and Vietnamese Hair Extensions – Soft, silky, and dense with high luster.
  • Indian Hair Extensions – Ranges from fine to medium texture.

4. Think About Color

One of the benefits of human hair extensions is that they can be colored to match the rest of your hair, but make things easier for yourself by purchasing extensions that are as close to your natural color as possible. Because hair is rarely one-dimensional, sometimes a slightly different shade can add a highlight or lowlight effect.

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