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Most people are familiar with wigs, but not everyone has experience with lace frontals. Not to be confused with lace closures, lace frontals are a higher quality product that covers the entire hairline instead of just the area where you’d part your hair. Here’s what else you should know before you buy lace frontal pieces.

What Is a Lace Frontal?

Lace frontals aren’t full wigs; instead, they’re half a wig—the front section only. A lace frontal goes from ear to ear, along your hairline. It usually has three or four bundles of hair and measures 13x4 inches in size. Lace frontals look natural and they’re a favorite of customers who have thinning edges because of the coverage they provide. You have the versatility to style them however you like and still get the flawless, realistic look you want.

While lace closures are sewn in, frontals are usually bonded—although they can sometimes be sewn in too with invisible threading. Because of how they lay on your hairline, you can pull your hair back or put it into a ponytail and it will still look seamless.

What To Look for When Buying Lace Frontals

When shopping for lace fronts, you’ll notice a wide range of prices. Just like wigs, there are cheap frontals made with synthetic hair and higher end frontals that celebrities favor—but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot to get a quality product. At Snapshot Hair, we offer premium human hair lace frontals at reasonable prices. 

Finding the best lace frontals is much like selecting the best wigs. Some qualities to look for include:

Virgin Human Hair

There’s a time and a place for synthetic hair, but when you want to pull off an effortless, natural look, it’s time to skip the synthetics and spring for human hair. Not only does it generally look better than synthetic hair, it will also last longer, which saves you money in the end, and it can be styled with heat just like your real hair—because it is real hair.

Quality Lace

Look for a lace that is both thin and strong. Not all lace frontals are created equal—if the lace is thick and bulky, it’s not going to give you the realistic appearance you’re after. With thin lace, you also want to make sure it’s strong. You’re investing a lot of money in your lace frontal and you want it to stand the test of time.

Another point about lace—make sure the lace you choose matches your skin tone, especially if you have light skin. It’s easy to darken the lace if needed, but it can’t be lightened.


The fun thing about lace frontals is that they let you experiment with different hairstyles. If you don’t have a budget for different lace frontal styles, choose one with straight hair. Because human hair lace frontals can be styled, you can still change things up with different styles without having to invest in several pieces.

Natural Appearance

Don’t choose the thickest lace frontal you can find. It might seem like a good idea—who doesn’t want thick hair?—but remember that frontals are covering your hairline. No one has a thick hairline. It’s where our hair is naturally thinnest, so a bulky lace frontal will be a dead giveaway that it’s not your own hair.

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